About the Show

Electric, Power & Renewable Energy Myanmar 2017 will be the fifth edition of Myanmar’s leading international industry trade event and your prime stage to access one of the world’s most exciting and rapidly developing markets.

Myanmar has seen many political and economic reforms in recent years that have led to the easing of international sanctions and the opening of its doors to international trade. Now is the time to explore new business opportunities in Myanmar.

Power is an essential requirement of Myanmar’s development, despite the recent increases in supply, demand is still double the available supply and only a quarter of people have access to Electricity in 2011. There are 40,000 MW of potential hydroelectric capacity in Myanmar and only about 2650 MW has currently been developed.

To meet the huge demand in power requirements Electric Power & Renewable Energy Myanmar will provide the most comprehensive platform for companies in the power generation, transmission and distribution, renewable energy and installation equipment to showcase their products and services.